How to Start Programming with PBC

First Step

             The main goal of Philosophy Behind Coding is to help you learn programming. This involves not only the learning process of a programming language but the complete training of you. With development of algorithmic way of thinking, problem solving and many more.

             Finally, we came to the understanding that the creation of videos that give you bits and pieces of programming wisdom is a great tool but it is not enough. We need something that can combine all this information and basically show you what to learn and when to learn it. For this reason, we decided to create a video that works as a mentor that will guide you through a step-by-step process.

           Before you even start learning your first programming language, you need to understand where to focus your energy.

           If you are in the PBC team, you already know that algorithmic way of thinking is the answer, and this is the Best video for you to start.

           Here you will learn why and most importantly how to start working with algorithmic thinking.

       Then you need to start working with a programming language because coding is all about the actual practice.

       There are several languages that you can choose. However, for you specifically that watch this video I strongly recommend C++. It is a great language to start, because it will make you a hard-core programmer with great debugging skills and programming logic.

        So at this point you need a good instructor that can teach you not only the command lines (which is the easy part), but how to think and how to solve programming problems.

       Because the majority of you sent me messages that you can’t find a course with all these qualities, we decided to create a PBC course. In the BlogSpot, you can find the link for this course that will teach you from scratch programming in C++ in a completely different way. Check out all the details in the course page!

       Before I forget; don’t just search online for this course, because it costs 200$. You are in the PBC team now, so you can get the course for 25$ which is the minimum price to cover the expenses of the group that creates the animation and scripts for all these videos. You just need to click here.

Now the final Video will help you not only start your course but also finish it with incredible success by learning and using all the information that we can offer you. This can only be achieved by avoiding procrastination, the worst habit that keeps you down and doesn’t let you work hard and achieve your goals. So this video can help you stop procrastinating, and get into the real programming world.

I believe that this is a really good start for now. I am waiting for your comments in the YouTube video or in the Course. I want you to send me news about your journey, your difficulties and your successes and I will try to answer and help each one of you!



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