How can a Smartwatch monitor your heart? | Heart Rate Monitor Explained

During the past 4 years, we have seen a tremendous growth in the smartwatch and wearables industry and one of the key selling points of these devices was the ability to measure your heartbeat with an elegant and fast way. It is even possible to give you real-time data during your run and then project it in a graph. But which are the software and the hardware parts that enable you to see this information?

Digital Photo in 3 Min

Image is the representation of the real world, on a computer or on paper. It started with the simple idea of capturing a moment and begins with a shape in Grayscale.

Today we can capture an image that sometimes is more visually appealing than the reality.  In addition, we can expand our capturing capabilities not only in a rectangle but also in a 360 degrees environment.

So today, we will analyze how this is even possible.

3 Steps to stop Procrastinating during Programming without Changing your Schedule

I think that the biggest problem of a programmer is not how to create the actual code but how to make himself start working. Procrastinating means postponing all the time to start a task. I keep catching myself eating food, watching YouTube, organizing windows and my files. Doing everything else except writing actual code. So how can we stop procrastinating and get the work done?


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